These are the stories of my truly amazing, always full of energy, and very silly little man.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So We Remember

I know I haven't posted in over a year, but these recent drawings Donovan created inspired me to blog again. I really feel like these needed to be shared. All of the descriptions are in his words.

This is the story of the World Trade Center, as told by Donovan O'Neal, age 5 1/2.

These are the Twin Towers. See the elevators and the windows.

This is when the planes flew into the towers 10 years ago.

This is right after the planes hit. The red is the fire and the black is the smoke.

The pink swirling around is the ash.

This is after the buildings fell down and they had to clean them up with cranes and trucks.

This is the starting of Tower 1 being built.

This is when Tower 1 is 30 feet tall.

This is when Tower 1 is 100 inches tall. (I think he meant feet.)

This a truck bringing in the steel to the cranes.

This is the where the Twin Towers used to be and the holes are still there with water fountains in them and this is the museum underground.

This is what Tower 1 will look like when it's finished (left) and this is all the steel in it and what it looks like now (right).

This is a close-up of the steel in Tower 1.

"I want these pictures to be in the musuem so we always remember and never forget."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Uncle David's Graduation

May 14, 2010, my brother David Armstrong Obergfell graduated with his Master's degree in Social Work from Arizona State University. We were fortunate enough to attend his graduation and all the festivities that followed.

The graduate!!

Sada and David

David and Mom

David and sis

David and René

The after party at Hula's.

Quite the party.

BBQ at David and Sada's house the next day.

Sada just chilling

Donovan just chilling



Was that cookie good?

David, David, Ben and Donovan

Playing in the pool with his uncle.

It was a wonderful and quite relaxing visit. Donovan had such a good time with his Aunt Sada and Uncle David, he still talks of going back to AZ all the time to visit. He even misses Emmi and Tembo. Thanks for having us guys.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Panama City

At the beginning of April, we had the chance to visit some dear friends of ours who are on temporary duty in Panama City Beach.

We spent our time at the park - digging in the sand...

Mary and Donovan playing side by side and not even noticing each other.

Audrey swinging.

I can do it!!

and at the beach - digging in the sand.

Me and Erin

Ben "helping" Donovan and Mary dig.

Look Mom, I'm in a hole!

Adorable Audrey.

And adorable Mary.

Erin and Audrey.

Before we left PC, we were also able to have brunch with a dear friend of mine from high school.

Me, Marilyn and her son Ole.

It was such a nice trip and definitely should be repeated. Too bad Ben and Erin won't be in PC much longer.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Best Girls!

Quite some time ago, Donovan and I were walking when he stopped and said, "Mom, I have a best girl and her name is Sara. I have another best girl and her name is Meghan."

So here is Donovan with his Best Girls.
Best Friends!

(Sara, Meghan, and Donovan with Miss Mary - Meghan's Grandma in the back)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Donovan is 4!!

February 26, 2010: Donovan is officially FOUR!!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Donovan's birthday.

We started by baking a triple chocolate cake (Donovan's choice, of course.)

Then, dinner of chocolate chip pancakes at IHOP. (Another choice made by Donovan.)

He absolutely loved the pancakes.

Then home for birthday cake.

Dan decorated the cake.

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Donovan. Happy Birthday to you."

He still needed a little help blowing out the candles. At least our neighbor, Alex, was glad to provide assistance.

He wanted to eat the whole wheel. Enjoying it and showing off his fish lips.

Then, onto presents.

Look Mom, I got monster trucks!

Then next day, we went to a very special, very intimate event called...


I don' think Donovan realized just how big these trucks were until he got up close and personal with them. We got to see them all before the show in the Pit Party. It was really fun.

Checking out Maximum Destruction.

He's rooting for Max D.

Mom likes Gravedigger.

His favorite truck: Blue Thunder.

Then, onto the show.


An Escalade.

TAZ - the freestyle champ of the night.

Gravedigger on the school bus.

and he lost a wheel for the second time that night.

Maximum Destruction getting big air.
It really was a fun show, but proved to run just a little too late for Donovan.

We had such a good time and can't believe our little man is now 4!